About company

Blockchain technology has become a revolutionary discovery that attracts the attention of the entire progressive society. The securefund.life project was no exception and decided to adopt technologies that change the world. The blockchain provides vast opportunities that will allow you to extract high income, incomparable with the profit from a traditional business. Having not only significant achievements in robotics, but also blockchain technology, our specialists will be able to achieve all the goals and implement new plans.

Our company has extensive experience in the manufacture of robots and a fresh look at this area of activity. Using the robotics that we created and the best traders, we plan to implement a unique system for profitable trading, independent of the situation in the cryptocurrency market. At this stage, specialists with many years of experience in trading, who have replenished the staff of our company, will train robots the principles and features of trading, strategies and personal best practices. Thanks to the ability to machine learning, robotics will be able to develop and learn how to respond correctly to news that affects cryptocurrency quotes. The staff of artificial intelligence specialists will train robots, which will allow them to work more efficiently, eliminating the human factor from the trading process.

The work of the securefund.life project in the cryptocurrency market will be conducted in two directions at once. Thanks to robots, we will extract the maximum possible profit from cryptocurrency trading, and in parallel with this we will develop our own token for the securefund.life project. By introducing blockchain technology into our business and developing our own coin called Robocoin, we will discover new opportunities and provide users with a safe, reliable tool for payments, investments and preserving value.

The Robocoin cryptocurrency concept will fit into the traditional values of the cryptocurrency community. The coin will be fully decentralized, its users will be ensured anonymity and transaction security. All customer information will be subject to cryptographic encryption and may not be obtained by third parties. At the same time, Robocoin will fulfill a number of important functions and will become part of the securefund.life project ecosystem. In the future, we will introduce you to the features of our cryptocurrency and new blockchain solutions in White Paper, which will be open for public access

The scheme of the company

  1. Specialized robots select currency pairs and exchanges for trading. They also determine the approximate distance to obtain the necessary profits for each pair. Throughout the entire distance, the algorithms analyze possible deviations from the given parameters.
  2. The swap is closed, profit is fixed, then 60% -70% goes into the total trade turnover. A recalculation of available funds for subsequent trading is performed.
  3. 20% -30% of daily profit goes to a separate fund for paying investors.
  4. 10% of the profit goes to the company's salary fund.
  5. In the event of a forced loss fixing, an analysis of the reasons for closing a losing position is launched, if necessary, under the control of the company's traders, amendments are made to the calculation algorithms and robot strategies. The full loss is repaid by funds from the company’s reserve fund.
  6. A private investor makes a deposit, increasing the size of the company's revolving fund available for trading.
  7. According to marketing, private investors earn a net profit of 11% in 11 business days, up to 50% in 30 business days.
  8. Profit from successful transactions made by robots on weekends goes to the company's advertising fund. Subsequently, these funds are used to form the expenses for advertising the company, promotion, prize draws and payment of bonuses to employees.