In this section, the main rules are laid down, which regulate the cooperation between Australian Secure Capital Ltd, hereinafter the Company and the investor (hereinafter the Investor). Each of the parties is obliged to adhere to each rule item during the cooperation within the framework of this project.

The Rules come into effect as of the moment of its placement in this section.

    General Provisions

  1. Every user of the full legal age can become an official Investor of the Company.
  2. The user gets the Investor status immediately after passing the registration procedure. From this moment, the Investor gets full access to all services of the site.
  3. If a user has doubts about the fulfillment of his duties according to each item of the Rules, he must cancel the registration and refuse the status of an Investor.
  4. The Company does not disclose the Investor's personal information to a third party.
  5. The Company conducts official activities , is registered in the Australia and works in the legislative field of this jurisdiction. The Company's head office located in Milton. The Investor can get acquainted with the registration documents and other legal information on the official website of the Company.
  6. Rights, guarantees and duties of the Company

  7. The Company undertakes to distribute the funds received from the Investor solely to carry out activities related to the robotics market.
  8. The Company guarantees timely accrual of profits in accordance with the terms of the investment plan that the Investor has chosen.
  9. The Company guarantees payments within specified regulations and in accordance with the conditions prescribed in this document.
  10. The Company does not assume responsibility for technical problems associated with the operation of payment systems, which are used to invest and withdraw funds.
  11. All conducted transactions are final and irreversible.
  12. The Company is not liable and does not compensate for lost money for operations conducted incorrectly through the fault of the Investor.
  13. The Company mining nodes might automaticaly upgrade an eligible investor plan when there is bitcoin surge in price, the investor is then require to complete the synchronization by pairing the blockchain nodes with the same address in other to enable mutual socket layer.
  14. The Company is directly responsible for the safety of the information provided by the Investor and guarantees absolute confidentiality.
  15. The Company has copyrights to the site, all its information and tools.
  16. Obligations and Rights of the Investor

  17. The Investor undertakes to provide truthful information about him during the registration procedure.
  18. The Investor is fully responsible for conducting any transactions. In case of problems related to financial matters, the Investor may apply for help to the Company' s support service.
  19. All services provided by the Company for Investor's investment activities should be used exclusively for their intended purpose. If the Investor by his illegal actions harms the site, his account will be blocked, and the funds on his personal account will be irrevocably frozen.
  20. After the registration, the Investor automatically gives his consent to the processing of personal information by the Company's specialists. All personal information should be provided within the framework of the current legislation.
  21. The Investor has the right to open only one account from one IP-address. Multiple registrations are prohibited. If the Company Administration finds a violation of this rule, it has every right to block all accounts together with the funds on the Investor's accounts without the possibility of their return.
  22. The Investor must conduct his investment activity in accordance with the norms of international law, which does not allow the conduct of financial transactions with funds that have been obtained through criminal means.
  23. The Investor assumes personal responsibility for compliance with the tax laws of the country of residence.
  24. Investors are prohibited from creating accounts on their own partner links in order to abuse the partnership program. In case of a violation, all accounts will be blocked along with the funds.
  25. Each investor who has fulfilled the necessary conditions has the right to receive a leadership bonus as an automatically created deposit of $ 200. An exception is made by investors who are administrators of advertising sites providing investment project monitoring services.
  26. Force Majeure

  27. In the event of force majeure situations that occurred not because of the Company’s fault, the Company has all grounds for suspending investment cooperation for an undefined period.
  28. On additions and changes to the Rules

  29. The Company can revise existing Rules at any time. All changes to the Rules will be immediately placed in this section.
  30. Termination of cooperation

  31. The termination of investment cooperation between the Investor and the Company may be initiated by either party.
  32. The Company has the right to unilaterally terminate cooperation with the Investor in the case of violation of the Rules or any fraudulent activities by the Investor.
  33. Settlement of disputable situations

  34. In the event of conflict situations between the Investor and the Company, their permission may occur through negotiations or within the framework of legislation.